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All-in or Fold
Only two options!
Only two options. ALL-IN or FOLD
4 Max tables for super action!
Buy-in with only 8 Big Blinds!
All-new CAGE table theme just for AoF!
NO! Additional JACKPOT Fee!

JACKPOT money goes straight to your bankroll!

JACKPOT hands are chosen randomly from all AoF tables.

JACKPOT hand is announced on the chat window after
the winner of the JACKPOT hand is decided.
Remove chips from your stack without leaving the table.
Join a table with the (AoF) icon to play AoF.

AoF tables are played with auto re-buy regardless of personal settings.

While the AoF CAGE theme cannot be changed,
the color of the felt and table border can still be customized.

Jackpot is awarded according to the pot size.