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Texas Hold'em
The Greatest Mind Sport!
Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular type of poker that people all around the world enjoy as a leisure sport.
Hold’em can be played in different ways such as No-limit, Pot-limit and Fixed-limit.
Each game has a different betting rule but the game itself is basically the same. Each player receives 2 hole cards and uses it with the 5 community cards that everyone can use to make the 5 card best hand out of the 7 available.
Poker is loved for its endless psychological warfare and calculative betting, as well as for its competitive and strategic play.
Experience the fun of Texas Hold’em at HaHaPoker.
Hold'em Rules and Betting
Here we will teach you how Texas Hold’em is played and how the betting rounds work.
Before any action takes place. The small and big blind must post the ante to play.
The blinds are posted in a clockwise manner starting from the player next to the dealer.
  Hole cards
Players receive their 2 hole cards. The Betting starts from under the gun(the person sitting on the left of the big blind).
Betting proceeds in a clockwise manner.
3 community cards are opened and the second round of betting will start.
Betting starts from the left of the button, the small blind.
The 4th community card is opened.
Betting starts from the left of the button, the small blind.
Same as the turn.
The last card is opened and the betting starts from the left of the button, the small blind.
After the last round of betting, all the players that remain open their hands to determine who the winner is.
Hold'em Hand Rankings
A Hold’em hand is the best 5card hand made from the 2 hole cards in a players hand with the 5 community cards in the middle. The best hand made in any of the 7 card combination is the hand used.
The suit of the card does not affect the rank of the hand.
  Royal flush
10 J Q K A of the same suit.
  Straight flush
5 cards in sequential order of the same suit.
  Four of a kind
Four cards with the same number.
  Full House
Trips + one pair makes a full house.
5 cards of the same suit.
  Broadway (Nut straight)
10 J Q K A, any suit.
5 cards in sequential order, any suit.
  Trips (Three of a kind)
3 cards of the same number.
  Two pair
4 cards, two one pairs.
  One pair
2 cards of the same number.
  High card (no pair)
5cards with not even one pair. The highest card (A) wins.