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Tired of waiting? Not anymore!
Tired of waiting?
Not anymore!
Jump gives the player the option of Jumping instead of folding during the game.
When you Jump, you receive your next hand immediately
so that you don’t have to wait for your next hand.

Also with 5max tables for non-stop action,
Jump offers the most exciting, intense, high speed poker action available.
Jump Later

Interesting hand?
Hold Ctrl to change the Jump button to Jump Later so that even
when your hand is folded, you can stay and watch how the hand is played out.

While watching the hand, you can click the Jump button
to play your next hand whenever you want.
Select the blinds you prefer
from the Jump tables and click to start playing.
You can also join the Jump tables by using the Jump quick join icon.
You can enter join each Jump table up to 8 times.
These tables do not overlap with the maximum 12 cash game table limit.
Test your limits!
Enjoy the fastest poker game online,